“Pasta Heart”up today @ The Cabal

Engraving human heart illustration

This is the cool as Brando graphic art The Cabal used with the story.

So I want to say 11 years ago, but it might have been 10, my friend the writer Jarrid Deaton (who stepped out of the publishing world several years ago but remains and avid reader and collector) told me he was going to write a story about a “guy who has a can of Chef Boyardee for a heart.” Amazing idea. I told him if he didn’t write the story that at some point I would. To my knowledge, he never did. Or if he did, he never submitted it for publication. So, about a week ago, I wrote “Pasta Heart.” I waited a decade, it was that cool of an idea. But, after a certain point, a story just needs told. So head over to The Cabal and read “Pasta Heart” and let me know what you think. Thanks to editor Aleks Conrad for liking the story enough to publish it.

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