Behavioral Husbandry appears today @ Anti-Heroin Chic

anti heroin

I was hopping around about a month ago, you know just cruising some online journals and reading and chilling and stopped on a dime when I came across the journal Anti-Heroin Chic.

At the time I was working to finish a short story started way back in early 2012 about this mixed up guy named Oliver who opens a zoo for African wildlife on his land. I read through several pieces and thought that if I finished the story in time to submit, it might make a good fit.

I finished what I had started half a decade ago, sent it, and Anti-Heroin Chic editor James Diaz made me a happy writer by accepting it for the May issue. I’d really love you to read the story,  which I call “Behavioral Husbandry.

New short story @ Rabble Lit

rabble lit

So Rabble Lit published its inaugural issue this morning, and I think it looks remarkable. I’ve not had the chance to read through it yet, but the design and arrangement is just great. There are a lot of hard-working people behind getting this first issue out but I’d like to personally congratulate editors Misty Skaggs and Anna Lea Jancewicz for including my short story “This Tyrant, This Child of Pride” as part of the journal’s first lineup.

New stories & poems due out soon

I’ve got a lot of cool places where my fiction and poetry will be appearing over the next few weeks. Be on the lookout for new issues and installments of these fine journals (and of course take a peek at my work while you’re at it).

~ ~ ~

Connotation Press – Two of my short stories “Oldbones” and “Persistence” are set to appear in the May issue. The first is about childhood friends all grown up and still searching out mysteries and secrets. The latter showcases the beautiful 1937 Lincoln Zephyr. Well, several 1937 Lincoln Zephyrs. 

BULL [Men’s Fiction] – This one is a story I’m greatly looking forward to having appear at what is one of my favorite journals of all time. The story is called “Seven Drums” and it’s my first western. It won’t be my last western story, that I promise.

Rabble Lit – One of two brand spanking new journals I’ll have work in next month. This one has at least three fine authors in their own right working hard to bring readers “working class lit” in Anna Lea Jancewicz, Misty Skaggs, and Hugo Esteban Rodriguez. My story “This Tyrant, This Child of Pride” – about a visiting father who brings with him more than anyone is willing to take on – will be included in this inaugural issue.

Jellyfish Review – What can I say about Jellyfish Review that would do it and the founding editor Christopher James justice. Both are superb, period. Chris is publishing some great work these days and also a really fine writer in his own right. I’m happy that he’ll be publishing my short story “After a Certain Point, You’ve Got to Name the Bird” on July 12. It’s about my pet cardinal Roger who showed up this past December outside my window and how I wrote a story about him. It’s also the story about it. It’s different.

The Cabal – I’ve been luck to have my work featured here before and am sincerely excited to have another piece appearing there in just a couple of days. This piece is a prose poem called “Like Isis for Osiris” which I still worry over, even though it’s now officially going to appear at a great journal. Some poems are just like that for me.

Anti-Heroin Chic – By far one of my favorite names for a journal since >kill author, I’ll have a short story called “Behavioral Husbandry” included there, also on May 1. Founder James Diaz says the journal was “founded as a place to bring people in from out of the cold, to warm their feet by the fire and tell their stories, their struggles, losses and heartaches. It serves at times as a light in the dark, and at other times as a punch in the gut.” And seriously, show me a cooler journal name.

Fixional, Inc. – The second brand spanking new journal I’m proud to say I’ll have work in May. The journal’s site looks sleek and ready to offer readers some solid word, my prose poem “The Bonding Fire” among them.



Reissues of THE SAME TERRIBLE STORM and WHERE ALLIGATORS SLEEP now available @ Amazon

New Storm Cover (2)I put together reissued versions of both The Same Terrible Storm and Where Alligators Sleep and they are now up in Kindle format at Amazon to buy for only $5 each. I hope if you’ve been figuring how to get a copy of either of these that you’ll swing by there and have a look.





new alligator cover (1)I’ll go ahead and tell you that the interiors are a little jagged, I’m learning as I go with this Kindle Direct Publishing business. The words are all there, though, so no worries.

Shivelight Books launch will include three of my titles and one nonfiction title

So here’s the situation: I’m going to start a small press called Shivelight Books. I toyed with the idea of a press launch when I first finished my recent novella, but tried to go a more simple route. I wanted to make the book free to readers for a certain period of time, give people a chance to have a look and talk about it. The books published at Shivelight, will be available as ebooks only – Kindle, to be exact. Most titles will cost only $5.

I’m converting the document now on this site for A True Story: A Novella to Kindle even while writing this post. If you follow this site, you’ll know that it has been available in document form to download and then convert in whatever way readers prefer. In a couple days the novella will be available as Kindle book at Amazon. I’ll post the link to purchase when it’s all set.

As for Shivelight Books, the next project will be to reissue my first two book – the collections The Same Terrible Storm and Where Alligators Sleep. Since the closing of Foxhead Books, I have retained publishing rights to these. My third book, the novel Brown Bottle, will remain available for purchase from the book’s current publisher Bottom Dog Press. Once the three-title launch of A True Story: A Novella and my first two collections (which will all be priced at $5 on Amazon) I’ve been working with author Jereny Tackett to publish his nonfiction book of cryptozoology that will stand as Shivelight’s fourth release. Beyond that, who knows? I usually approach these kinds of projects with a sort of leaf-in-the-stream mentality.

I surely hope you’ll give Shivelight Books a chance, a fair shake, and see what we eventually have to offer. In the meantime, any support you can give me on my new novella and the reissues over the course of the next several months will be so very much appreciated.



Kathy Fish on A True Story: A Novella

kathy fish pic“Poetic, strange, mythic, and true, this work by Sheldon Lee Compton will take your breath away. It’s life and death and love and loss. It’s survival and transformation. The artistry is reminiscent of Matt Bell, but it’s Compton’s inimitable voice that shines through each and every page of this novella. Highly recommended.”

Kathy Fish, author of Together We Can Bury It and Rift

Meredith Alling on A True Story: A Novella

alling-1Meredith Alling is incredibly talented and incredibly generous. Stop by her internet home and also buy her book. And here’s what she had to say about A True Story: A Novella:

“Wild as a charging boar and tender as a raindrop, Sheldon Lee Compton’s A True Story: A Novella is a surreal sleepwalk through a world in which love is a storm and death is a question. It will wake you with a jolt.” 

Meredith Alling, author of Sing the Song